Wheat 'n' Honey Reg'd Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers - Purebred, CKC Registerd Puppies
"My husband and I decided to get a Wheaten Terrier because of our love/interest for the breed.  After finding out the breeder that I was interested in wasn't going to have a new littler for another year we had to do some further research on breeders and that is when Donna was recommended to us from another very reputable breeder that has been doing her job for many, many years.  Donna, coincidentally had a breed ready to go the exact day we called.
Donna was a pleasure to deal with.  She answered all of my questions, was very informative and showed us all of the puppies (and puppies parents) paperwork, etc. to reassure us that we were getting a "prize" dog.  We were very happy with the way the puppies looked, their personalities and the setting they were brought up in.  All of the puppies were kept in Donna's home and looked so happy and healthy.  We ended up taking two hours picking out our puppy, asking lots of questions and getting lots of tips from Donna.  When we left we felt 100% prepared for this new addition to our family.
Our experience with Wheat-n-Honey was perfect. Once we decided that we wanted to add a dog to our family, we researched for weeks and finally decided that a SCWT sounded like the perfect breed for our lifestyle. After placing numerous calls to numerous breeders, none of which had puppies available that worked with our timeframe, we were referred to Donna by a well known reputable breeder. Donna was very helpful in answering our unanswered questions about the breed, and solidified our confidence that the SCWT was right for us.
Hi Donna,
I would love to share my experience with our new baby. My husband and I are dog lovers, especially terriers and were very impressed with your puppies and the comfortable home setting for them and your older dogs. Our little guy has turned out to be a wonderfully fun and loving addition to our family. He's added a new dimension to our lives, for the better. He has a great disposition and is so cute!! We wouldn't trade him for anything!!
from Jayne, Hank, Jim and lots of love from Vincent
Cali, our Wheaten, is a joy to have around.  She brings so much happiness to our life.  She is full of beans and walks/bounces around the house with what looks like a smile on her face all of the time.  In the few weeks we have had her we have already trained her to sit, lie down and go to her bed.  She is learning fast!  She's also quite the hit at our vet's office.  Our vet cannot stop complimenting the perfect look of her and is amazed at how well proportioned she is, how great her colour is and how healthy she is.
We definitely made the right choice of breeder and puppy and would recommend Donna's puppies to anyone that is interested.  The time, effort, knowledge, work and love that Donna has put towards these puppies was very clear when we met her and her puppies.
Thanks Donna!
Jeff & Angela"
Donna was very accommodating; we visited her home many times to visit the puppies and to meet her dogs. The entire experience was exactly what we had hoped for and more. Today, Hyzer is EXACTLY the family pet that we had hoped for and reminds us every single day that we chose the right breed and breeder. He is full of energy, loves to play and his loyalty is so obvious you can see the love in his eyes. The vet says he’s got amazing muscle definition and perfect proportions. We would recommend to anyone interested in the SCWT breed to contact Donna at Wheat-n-Honey, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you for everything Donna!
Dustin, Jodi, Jessica & Hyzer.
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